A Superior Customer Experience


At SciAps, customer service is an extension of our commitment to provide you with exactly what you need, where — and when — you need it. When you reach out to us, you’ll talk to a person, not a machine.

Whether your question is about a new instrument, a rental, an application or a service matter, you’ll be quickly directed to someone who can help. Our global network of outstanding salespeople, application specialists and distributors who specialize in analytical instrumentation is the product of expertise we have sought and relationships we have nurtured for years. SciAps is here to answer your questions, understand your analytical challenges and provide you with the best Raman solution to meet your needs.


LIBS Analyzers


The Z is based on a well-established technology called laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) or LIBZ as we like to call it.  With LIBS, a laser is fired at a sample, heating it almost instantaneously and creating an electron plasma.  As the plasma cools after about 1 us, the electrons return to the atoms that constitute the sample, emitting light at various discrete wavelengths.  The spectrometer resolves the wavelengths and the processor determines elements present and concentrations.

LIBZ is an optical technique, not x-ray.  The measured light is in the UV, visible and NIR spectral region.  Therefore many more elements can be analyzed compared to portable XRF.  Elements hydrogen (H) to sodium (Na) may be measured by the Z, but cannot be measured by portable XRF.  This includes critical elements like C, Li, Be, B, Na and others.  The Z measures elements Mg, Si, Al at much lower detection limits, compared to portable XRF due to the optical nature of the technology.


Raman Analyzers


The SciAps Raman analyzers maintain the best ergonomics of any handheld Raman.  Carefully designed for all end-users  – large and small, male or female — SciAps’ handheld Raman analyzers are incredibly easy to manipulate and operate single-handedly, for all types of users, with or without gloves.

The “500” class of Raman analyzers is equipped with higher wavelength Raman excitation (1030 nm laser) for the specialized case of testing samples that exhibit high fluorescence.   For example, samples consisting of complex molecules or samples with a number of impurities are excellent candidates for the CHEM500 which allows for the specific Raman peaks to stand out in the spectrum. As with the rest of the SciAps Raman analyzers, the CHEM500 offers high stability, the same intuitive software and interface, fast processing speed, and seamless report generation and data management.


Portable NIR


SciAps introduces a truly portable, field hardened absorption spectrometer. The wide spectral range from 350 nm to 2,500 nm captures signature absorption patterns spanning the ultraviolet (UV) through the near infra-red (NIR). The spectral range allows for a wider variety of minerals and compounds to be identified, including critical minerals in clay mineralogy, sulfates, carbonates, REE’s and many more.